This is where we stand…following the judicial review requested by M3 Idaho, to look at where the Public Right of Way ends and try to find public interest (required to abandon a road) by trading the road for a walking path, the judge remanded the decision back to the County. The hearing in on November 22nd @ 1pm. It is the third hearing. The first two hearings had overwhelming opposition to abandoning the road. The public has also shown overwhelming opposition to trading excellent access and valuable property for a 1/2 mile walking path.

A lot has happened since this Camp Bay development began some 3 or 4 years ago!

Almost 100 acres has been subdivided and cleared, community docks have been approved, a public road and lake access was vacated, neighbors opposed that vacancy, the court sent it back to the County, the developer platted a lot over the vacated public road (while vacancy was under judicial review), the County gave the road back to the public, but said “we don’t know if there is public lake access”, the developer requested a judicial review hoping to reverse that decision. All the while, houses and docks are rapidly being built, and you wouldn’t recognize the once forested area.