As you are watching the below videos, remember, YOU own the 50 foot wide road and beach with access to the lake RIGHT NOW, not m3!! Are you willing to give it up for a dirt walking trail (over 1 mile round trip) down to a shady corner of the bay, wedged in behind their massive dock system, accessible only to the abled-bodied and open at the pleasure of M3?  I know how I feel!!!

Video #1 – Witness footage

Captures interactions before and after deputies arrive

It is important to know how this whole event started.  My wife, Jennifer and her friend were QUIETLY SITTING on the beach, clearly within the 50 feet, when 3 adult males zoomed up on a side-by-side, screaming at the women that they were trespassing and they had to leave or be arrested!  Jennifer(sun hat) called me asking me to come down because there was a problem. It took me about 10 minutes to get to the beach.  During that time, my wife and her friend had to endure being verbally attacked by these 3 men, Bill Brownlee (green shirt, head of M3), Eric Skinner (red shirt, realtor) and Jim Frank (grey shirt, South Camp Bay resident). 

The M3 deed that Bill Brownlee is describing in Video #1 is a public document, Instrument #986554, which you can read yourself from the Bonner County website. If you do, pay special attention to Exhibit B, pages 22-23.  Also, keep in mind this deed was executed while the road vacation was already under litigation.  M3/Bill Brownlee may very well own deep down into the lake bed on either SIDE of the road, but NOT within the 50 feet width from the end of the road.  Only if the road is abandoned/vacated would he own the littoral rights within the road area from the beach down to the 2051′ elevation.

Video #2 – 911 call and deputy body cam

Footage starting when deputies arrive.

Pay attention to the 911 call and what the reporting party is describing to the dispatcher.  My name is bleeped out (the Sheriff’s office bleeps out personal information).  What you are seeing in video #1 is what is taking place pretty much when the caller is talking to dispatch.  I’ll let you decide if its a truthful depiction of the events.  I am a 5’7″ 75 year-old man with two metal knees and a bad back.  I can guarantee that I was not pushing, shoving or intimidating anyone, and the two middle-aged women weren’t either!