What to Expect at Aug 10th Court Hearing

UPDATE AUG 10TH: The judge is going to give a written ruling at some point in the future… not sure when.  It appears that she will remand it back to the county with lots of stipulations and we don’t know what those will be.
I wish we had more news but that’s it. Oh, except that m3 asked that there be NO public input when the county hears everything again.
More later after we get the chance to digest all of this.
We do have some videos coming of the beach incident along with the 911 call that led Sheriff deputies to the beach. We are hoping to get that up tomorrow or Thursday.
Much thanks for everyone’s support!

WHAT TO EXPECT ON AUG 10TH: We think that M3 may try to pull the “rope-a-dope” and the county will agree to it.  It smacks of a “conspiracy to steal public property!” 

It’s very possible M3 will try to move it out of the court and back to the county under the original year and a half old application, this time amending it to include their proposed public access (Plan B), to make look like it is in the people’s interest and save the cost of maintaining the 1/2 mile of road.  The original application and county response were full of half truths and lies.  Our estimate for road maintenance is about 10 cents per tax-paying Bonner County resident.  You would lose your right to use what exists today for a dime and then M3 may allow you to walk a mile to see the lake under their terms (because it would be their property) and that’s in your best interest?!!

In our survey asking everyone what they would like to see, NOT ONE VOTE came in for the developer’s Plan B. So this is clearly not in the public’s interest. We had three options: “Plan A” (a compilation of lots of ideas from many people) “Plan B” (the developer’s version, a dirt 1/2 mile walking trail –a 1 mile round trip– to the south corner of the bay, the least desirable spot on the beach, open limited hours), and “Leave It As It Is.”  There was an almost even split vote for Plan A and Leave It As It Is.

A few points to remember as all of this unfolds: M3 has NO legal claim to the road, period!  The commissioners can only abandon it if it’s in the “public interest.”

So what can we do?  Pay attention, stay vigilant, don’t let the county give away your public lake access!  We will keep you posted about Weds court hearing. And if this shows up at a county hearing, WE WILL NEED YOU ALL THERE! Remember: M3 HAS NO LEGAL RIGHT TO THE ROAD, and once it’s gone, IT’S GONE!

Once again, we really want to thank our supporters! We greatly appreciate all your time and contributions!

This is all very confusing. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to send an email to fredarn@50feet.net.